Higher sales per salesperson


Better than a thumbprint

Smart track your salesforce using GPS enabled face recognition systems. This module also allows the sales team to design an optimized beat plan which enhances customer facing time.


Target forecasting

1SF relies on algorithms which merges historic data, beat plan & human potential to drive business results. This enables businesses to break stretched ambitions into smaller achievable stepping stones.


Performance management

1SF comes loaded with Data Science for recommendations on achievements & incentive management to help build a performance culture.


Tech that integrates

Bundled service offering where performance, compensation and presence all get integrated with payroll and statutory compliance.


Lower out and longer in

1SF helps foster long term relationships with prospects and ex-employees to cut down recruitment turnaround times and vacant beats.


Powerful actionable analytics

With action oriented dashboards & alerts to drive precise decision making, 1Sf is truly an enabler of growth.