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Balassa–Samuelson effect is crippling the distribution systems in the developing markets across the globe. Essence of the model is that as technology drives the productivity of workforce in a few sectors, it takes the cost tables up across all sectors. While there have been remarkable improvements on productivity metrics in many sectors, there’s been none to very questionable improvement of such metrics, on the distribution side. So basically, if this effect continued unchecked, in a few years from now, the distribution systems as we have seen in existence over the last century or so, would all be extinct.

The only way to snap out of this effect, for thousands of brand owners dealing with millions of mom and pop stores, across the globe, is to do the following two things:

(a) ensure that technology takes over replenishment of right assortment, in every mom and pop store, by lighting up information about their tertiary sales. (Stores 98.4)

(b) On sales & NPD side, maximise the productivity of the large ESF investment using cutting edge performance & presence management systems. (1Sf)

peel-works fixes both these problems, by creating large networks on brands & stores side, through it’s products, Stores 98.4 & 1SF.


Sachin Chhabra [ Founder & CEO ]

Sachin is the Founder of peel-works. Founded in 2010, peel-works enables higher brand presence at point of sale, for its customers. Prior to his entrepreneurial venture with peel-works, Sachin has had a corporate stint with..

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Nidhi Ramachandran [ Co-Founder, Leads 1SF ]

who heads the 1SF business, has close to 12 years of diverse experience in human resources and consulting, spanning total rewards, organisation design & structuring, and competency assessment in organisations such as..

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Ashu Goel [ Head of 98.4 Business ]

heads the Stores 98.4 business at peel-works. With over 15 years of experience across organisations like Bharti Airtel, Telenor India and Xerox, he brings rich expertise in business development, account management ..

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Sunil Natraj [ Head of Engineering ]

Head Product Engineering, is responsible for all aspects of Product development from design to delivery. Sunil brings in more than 15 years of industry experience. Prior to Peel Works, Sunil was Senior Director of Engineering..

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Jaivardhan Jain[ Finance Controller ]

Finance Controller, comes with over 10 years of experience in finance, planning and accounting. Prior to joining peel-works, he has been working with Bajaj and SBI. Jaivardhan holds a Chartered Accountancy degree from ICAI.

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