Our Values

Starship Fuel


Be Big

Distribution in developing and emerging economies continues to operate in the century before last. To be able to meaningfully impact this world, we need to scale quickly. A small company in this space matters to no one. It can be a profitable company. But not one which is respected and loved. We want to be respected, loved and profitable. Which makes “Be Big” our first principle. There must not be any place for thinking small inside the company. Every bet the company makes must be one which is big and bold.


Be Loved

We work with the traditional trade and our mission is to help them transform their business. Their business model is built around assortment, price and efficient capital management. We need to build products that solve their problems in these three verticals, in a reliable and engaging way. Our products must be intuitive to use, and they must connect all parts well. That’s when we stand a chance to be loved by our retail partners.


Be Creative

Money begets lethargy. We must not run with unnecessary operating costs or capital expense. We must sweat both parts of our brain to see how a problem can be solved without burning millions. When we spend more, we pass on that inefficiency to our customers by way of our price. Such cost-plus business models suck at being creative. We’re looking to build the most elegant technology solution(s) at the cheapest possible cost. Product(s) that remove resistance from the world’s most repeated commercial transaction – buying and selling of grocery.


Be Sharp

Adjectives have no place in a ‘for profit business’. Business is about numbers. Huge, big, small, severe, serious, shall, might and similar language reflects a decaying work culture. We should convey objectively the status and ask specific questions. And provide specific replies. In a world driven by shallow politeness, human race seems to have forgotten that “Yes & No” are perfectly reasonable answers. But to get those answers, the question must be crystal clear and objective.


Be A Million Stores Away

This business is not about land grab. It is about making a difference to how grocery is bought and sold in traditional trade. We need to continuously work to become so great at it, that we are in a perennial scaling up mode. Stores must self-select themselves on our platform. We shouldn’t be wasting time enrolling them. We must always know, why there are another million stores who are not on our platform, already. And find ways to be so relevant for them, that they self-select themselves in.

Did you say, what about ethics, integrity and hard work? Those are table stakes. No business can be built in absence of these three virtues. We don’t even bother calling these out specifically.