Drive higher loyalty with your shoppers.


Automate your business

Stores98 is an automation suite that helps you sell and earn more. It helps you stock the right assortment in the right quantities. To automate you need a hardware device (windows or android), a thermal imaging printer and a barcode scanner. Everything else that it takes to automate your store is free. And will always be.


Enhance Shopper Traffic

We get the best CPG companies to differentially invest in your store. Such investment provides higher value to your shoppers. Which means higher loyalty to your store.


Easy GST & Statutory Compliance

GST compliance is need of the hour. Stores98 comes with fully compliant GST filing module. Makes it simple for you to embrace statutory compliance.


Higher Basket Fills

Stores98 optimizes inventory for your store. Which basically translates into higher basket fill rates. Higher sales and satisfied shoppers.


Hassle Free Claim Settlement

Completely automated billing and promotion management system makes sure that there are no errors in the claim management form. Electronic settlement process cuts down the lead time between filing and settlement.


Access Customer Support

Phone, Email, Chat and Text options are available for you to access our technical support team, in case you have any support requirements.