Higher speed to market. Shopper understanding like never before.


High traffic stores

The stores across our network contribute to a significant percentage of urban consumption and are the right set of stores for brands to enhance their presence and growth. These stores mirror modern trade, both in terms of assortment and throughputs. At an average, over 150 customers visit each store everyday.


POS to capture transactions

Our POS allows the stores to transact electronically with their shoppers. This ensures error-free and quick check out for them. It also helps the store manage its inventory.


Supersonic speed to market

You can differentially invest in your brand in our network of stores. This will help enhance sales and accelerate trials. It also helps cut down months of lead time in supply chain planning.


Tamper proof claim settlement

Settlement of claims in conventional distribution models often leads to dissonance with the retailers. There are numerous points of failures. Our solution gives you an access to a transparent and tamper proof solution.


Flyers that carry the news home

We place flyers with details of promotions running in the store at the start of the month. Along with flyers, we also use other methods to display the set of promotions in store wherever possible. This helps with customer awareness and drives offtake.


High ROI of marketing spends

Stores98 gives you a set of trackable metrics and KPIs to compute return on your marketing spends. Decision making process on promotions can be statistically validated quickly if you partner with us.