Your Integrated Fulfilment Partner.

Pick. Pack. Deliver.



Supply Chain Logistics
Always on the move
Be it cargo movement, goods transit, freight transport or parcel delivery. We do it all. At scale. With speed. Logistics is NOW fast, seamless and convenient.
From accurate information flow and data integration, materials handling, inventory management, warehousing, secure storage to timely transportation. Wherever your packages need to go, we are there too.
Prompt delivery of daily essentials to the final destination. Either from your distribution hub or our warehouse. Cost-effective and timely. That always helps you excel in customer satisfaction. All’s well that ends well.
Fleet of all shapes and size
Accelerating cargo movement. Through a flexible fleet. Of all shapes and sizes. Across intercity and intracity. Enabled through an AI-enabled service desk. Because the journey matters as much as the destination.
Access vehicle support with trained drivers. Superior services at attractive prices. 24*7 across multiple locations within India. So, you can serve your customers better.
Reverse logistics that’s fully managed. Easy items pick-up and drop facility from and to multiple locations. Ranging from 1 ton to 15 tons. Both B2B and B2C. Because as your shipping needs grow, we expand our fleet solutions, too
Order Fulfilment
Quick. Organized. Automated.
From the time the customer order is received, through storage and warehousing to shipping and delivery. Enhanced efficiency at every stage of the value chain. We are with you throughout.
Robust logistics services. Outsourced and scalable- up to enterprise level. So, you can successfully run your business. While we take care of warehousing, transportation and fulfilment. It’s a win-win.
Be it bulk shipments or cargo transport, you can always count on us. Retailer, distributor or wholesaler. Whatever the format mix. Our solutions are super-elastic. To meet all your logistics needs.
Optimal shipping rates. Wide reach. Door-step delivery. With order tracking. And instant notifications. No minimum transaction size for customer delivery. Small is the new BIG.


Intelligent Automation

AI support desk which accepts bookings via WhatsApp, presents the location update real time and also allows settlement of the invoice via WhatsApp UPI.

Be in the know. Always. With intelligent tracking solutions. Presenting tech-powered features that provide transparency.
Stay in control. Know the whereabouts of your goods. At any point in time. Forever bid goodbye to shipping delays.
Turnaround speed that’s unimaginably fast. Fast-track your deliveries. Because every minute counts.



The best of both worlds

Choose from company-owned+company-managed or partner- owned+company-managed flexible fleet options. High-quality standards with rigorous checks. Dual shifts.

Quality as well as quantity

Intra-city and inter-city trucks. Delivery capabilities range from a single parcel to a truckload of cargo. Anywhere in India. All in one place.

ESG compliant

All drivers are employed by us with full employee benefits. Hold registered driving licences. In uniform while at duty. 100% compliance with regulatory norms. Customer-centric with complete ESG adherence.

Trusted partnership that’s here to stay

Fixed-term contracts. Starting 12 months and beyond. Because we value long-term relationships. We’re in it for the long haul.

Managed by Army veterans

Fleet operations overseen by Army veterans ONLY. Bringing the same high standards of discipline and exemplary values to logistics management.

CRM support on the go

Dedicated SPOCs. Control towers that track vehicle locations. Prompt breakdown assistance. 24*7 service delivery manager. Onsite at each and every client premise.
Your reliable delivery partner. Where speed is of the essence.

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