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Beyond Boundaries

At the heart of our mission is the empowerment of India’s Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs), providing them with unmatched access to broader markets and catalyzing their growth beyond conventional thresholds. Operating at the intersection of two thriving sectors – Staffing and Grocery – we act as a pivotal link, opening doors for SMEs to markets they might not typically reach.

Quick Staffing revolutionizes the staffing landscape by aggregating diverse entities, presenting clients with a seamless and low-risk workforce management solution. Focused on the grocery retail sector, Taikee Dash connects wholesalers with Kirana stores, streamlining and optimizing the procurement process. By partnering with a network of wholesalers, Dash aims to make the buying process efficient, profitable, and reliable for small and medium-sized retail businesses. This approach simplifies the procurement chain, ensuring a steady and dependable supply of goods for Kirana stores.

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Powering Empowerment

Technology & Digital Transformation

In the ever-evolving tech landscape, Peel Works doesn't just guide SMEs through adaptation; we provide seamless technology designed to offer transparency, aiding businesses in making informed decisions. Integrating cutting-edge digital tools, including our proprietary tech for enhanced efficiency, we propel operations and elevate customer experiences. This transformative journey propels SMEs into an exclusive sphere of heightened productivity and innovation.

Regulatory Compliance & Legal Issues

Navigating legal requirements, tax laws, and regulatory compliance is daunting for SMEs. Peel Works ensures a seamless approach, overseeing legal intricacies and guaranteeing compliance standards. In partnership with a top-tier Big-6 auditor, we ensure meticulous adherence to regulations. As champions of simplicity, our expertise prioritizes compliance, enabling businesses to focus on core functions.

Supply Chain Management

Peel Works champions SMEs by spotlighting optimal supply chain efficiency and fundamentally reshaping core operations. Utilizing our warehouses and cutting-edge technology, we usher in a transformation where efficiency reaches unmatched heights, infused with sophistication. Efficiently managing supply chains, covering sourcing materials, inventory management, and logistics, is a shared challenge that our approach addresses seamlessly.

Market Access & Expansion

Peel-Works unlocks distinctive market opportunities, deftly transforming expansion into an invigorating journey for SMEs. Utilizing our seasoned sales force and vast market access cultivated through years of data collation and relationship-building, Peel-Works serves as the catalyst for SMEs to tap into uncharted territories. We ensure that each step towards expansion is not just progress but a significant leap towards enduring success.

Customer Relationship Management

We empower SMEs to reshape customer relationships, ensuring each interaction is an exquisite testament to excellence, a perpetual catalyst for enduring success. Our customer relationship management system is crafted for customized outcomes, perfectly suited to each business's unique needs. The client's voice isn't just heard but actively integrated, facilitating process adjustments that consistently uphold the highest delivery standards.

Marketing & Branding

In the ever-evolving landscape of aggregation services, our distinct market presence is attributed to a strong brand identity, allowing us to carve out a niche market share. What sets us apart is our unique cross-collaboration approach, seamlessly extending the benefits of our established brand presence to SMEs. our innovative strategy distinguishes us, dedicated to fueling growth and success for the SMEs we support.

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