All things staffing.

Payroll, presence management, statutory compliance and everything in-between. Made possible with state-of-the-art technology and regular checks. Complete control assurance. All processes and statutory deposits are vetted by auditors.

Salary computation. Incentive administration. Leave management. And the full menu. One-stop platform for all things payroll. With automated features. And accurate computations.
Smoothly run your business with 99%+ seat-fill. Real-time reporting. Experience high workforce productivity. At anytime. From anywhere.
Beat all compliance blues. Stay on the right side of statutory laws. Be up to date with regulatory changes. In-built adherence controls. Automated monitoring mechanism. All or nothing



  1. The action of enlisting new people in the armed forces
  2. "Methods of military recruitment"

We bring this same military precision to hiring for you. Hire the perfect match. Laser-focused recruiting. Speed your time to quality talent. Zero risk with 30 days free hire replacement.

A subscription model that lets you stay in control of sales metrics. While we manage the people indices for you. Holistic solutions for your future-ready business.
For a one-time charge, hire the perfect match for all vacant roles. Across verticals. Any location. And levels of responsibility. Works as a natural extension of your in-house capabilities.
Recruiting the right candidate is our #1 priority. Onboard a highachiever workforce. No ‘lemons’. No compromise on quality.

Outcome-based engagement models

Performance matters. Above all. So, you can focus on growing your business. While we take care of strengthening your workforce. Achieve higher ROI with collaborative synergies.


Statutory compliance, salary computation, incentive administration, leave management and the entire gamut of activities. You name it. We have it.


From target setting, career progression, performance monitoring to retention strategy. Deploy every weapon from the workforce management arsenal.

Data management

Secure data repository of all off-roll team members. Plus, real-time help desk for on-field staff. Welcome to a truly connected workforce.

Mobile-first for a mobile workforce

User-friendly app that helps off-roll inductees turbocharge their efficiency.

Exit Management

Instant workforce replacement ensures that at no point of time your business stays understaffed.


Recruiting the right candidate is our #1 priority. Onboard a high-achiever workforce. No ‘lemons’.

What makes us win. Each day. Every day.

  • Whether its our services or our proprietary technology, we are obsessed with delivering quality.
  • An easy-to-manage workforce lifecycle process that deploys cutting-edge technology and experienced services to support your business throughout your growth journey. At scale with proven results.
  • Access a highly-productivity, distributed off-roll workforce, spread across the length and breadth of India.



Be in the know. Always. Works well with all teams. Hybrid. Remote. Off-roll. And the like.

Mobile App

The all-in-one app for smart managers. Track team attendance, monitor employee performance, approve leave requests and access exit requests. Get a ring-side view of everything that matters.

Manager Web Portal

See the big picture through deep insights. Access drilldown reports with useful data analytics. Across attendance, leave, hiring, target achievement and beyond. Create a beat plan and do many great things.


Unlock your super powers. From user creation, through store management to each and every admin activity, stay in control of the app. At any point in time. Become a super admin.

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