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#Kiranasofindia: Grocery Hero

We often assume that the #KiranasOfIndia have always been in the same profession. But that is not always true. Just like any profession, Kirana owners also come from different backgrounds and experiences. Meet Santosh, his journey to this profession is quite interesting.

Santosh, a former pharmaceutical employee at Ranbaxy, was at a crossroad after 8 years of service. An unexpected spinal injury was the turning point in his career. It thwarted his ability to travel the roads all day, and yet, in that challenge there was an unforeseen opportunity. With a passion for sales deeply ingrained within him, Santosh pivoted to a more local and fulfilling role, becoming a Kirana store owner.

However, this transition wasn’t a smooth sail. As Covid struck the world, Santosh felt that the governmental policies had failed to protect grocery owners.

I felt like a neglected warrior. We were also constantly working amidst this deadly virus despite incurring losses, ” he shared.

Even so, Santosh’s unwavering spirit and dedication to his community held strong. He recalls a day when he managed to secure a few sacks of rice from a distant place, a scene straight out of a classic storybook – the entire street followed his car, aware that Santosh had scored some food.

Years of such moments fueled Santosh’s ambition – the desire to expand his Kirana business. When asked about his future aspirations, he spoke eagerly about the digital platforms, ready to adapt and embrace the opportunities that technology could offer, once his resources allowed.