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Taikee Dash

Taikee Dash enables the neighbourhood kirana stores to embark on a digital odyssey, challenging the realms of modern trade. With the aid of cutting-edge AI and machine learning, we empower corner stores not merely to compete but to captivate their customers. Our exclusive alliances with top FMCG brands unlock vast opportunities, allowing traditional grocery retailers to effortlessly access a captivating array of products at unbeatable prices – all through a single app.


Kirana Stores





Reliable. Remarkable. Easy.

Order Online. Anytime.

Taikee Dash is transforming the landscape of the traditional retail supply chain for Kirana stores. We’re moving away from the constraints of opaque pricing and restricted local sourcing, ushering in an era of transparent, wide-reaching market access. Our platform guarantees clear, upfront pricing and provides access to an extensive range of products, enabling Kirana stores to meet customer demands with unparalleled efficiency.

Our pledge to deliver products on the same day is central to our mission. This commitment empowers Kirana stores to thrive and stay ahead in the fast-paced retail market.

Explore. Move to Cart. Order.

Simple Interface. Seamless Delivery.

The Taikee Dash app offers Kirana stores an exceptional gateway to a diverse array of products and brands at competitive rates. At the heart of our service lies the commitment to same-day delivery, empowering Kirana store owners to surpass customer expectations with remarkable promptness.

Experience the transformative impact of Taikee Dash, redefining product access, streamlining transactions, and enhancing Kirana store retail. Enjoy prompt service and diverse offerings at your fingertips.

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For The Corner Stores

Strong Alliances

Direct tie-ups with a host of local, regional, national, and global FMCG brands.

Convenient Sourcing

Access to a wide assortment of branded FMCG products at great prices from the comfort of stores, homes, or any other place.

Unified Portal

Prompt stock delivery made possible by a single interface offering all affiliate services.


Happy Customers

“Ordering what I need for my store is very simple, and the same-day delivery service helps my kirana business. The prices are very good, helping me keep my shelves full with a variety of products. It's super easy to use, and the app's efficiency is unmatched.”

- Kirana store owner

“The same-day delivery service is helpful for kirana store owners like me. Taikee Dash has helped me order only as per the requirements and keep my customers happy because of their on-time daily delivery. It has also helped me manage my expenses better. ”

- Kirana store owner

Delivering better lives to India’s corner stores.